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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  1. What is File-Works?
  2. Is File-Works a good idea for my business?
  3. Why do I need File-Works?  I just Email my files to employees now.
  4. How much does File-Works cost?
  5. Can we have a login page customized with our own logo and graphics?
  6. What documentaion is available for File-Works?
  7. How do we get started?
Setup and Operation
  1. Which operating systems and web browsers does File-Works support?
  2. Which screen resolutions does File-Works support?
  3. What are cookies, and how does File-Works use them?
  4. Can we use "download accelerator" software with File-Works?
  5. Can we edit our files on the File-Works system?
  6. Can users be automatically notified when a new file is available?
  7. Can we host a web site on File-Works?
  8. Are there limitations on what files we can store on File-Works?
  9. Can we limit our users as to which files they can access?
  10. Can we have Personal Folders for each of our users?
Security and Reliability
  1. Are my files secure?
  2. How about my account information?  Is it secure?
  3. Can I find out who uploaded, downloaded, or deleted a file?
  4. How reliable are the File-Works servers?
  5. How secure are the File-Works servers?
  6. What sort of backup system do you have in place for my files?
  7. Do you have a "privacy" or "confidentiality" agreement?

  1. What is File-Works? 
File-Works is an Internet-based file storage and retrieval service.  Users can upload, download, edit, and share files from any computer with Internet access.  File uploads and downloads are done using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

You decide who has access to your files and you give them a user name and password.  To a logged in user, File-Works looks something like this, but you will name your files whatever makes sense for your company.

  2. Is File-Works a good idea for my business? 
If you need to share files with employees who travel or work in branch or home offices, clients or customers, partners, or outside consultants, opening a File-Works account can be one of the best business decisions you will make.

  3. Why do I need File-Works?  I just Email my files to employees now. 
Storing and sharing your files on File-Works prevents several problems common with attaching documents to E-mails.  Often, attached files are too big so they download very slowly, they are kept out by the receiver's virus protection, or they shut down their system altogether.  When you have several people revising and editing one document, storing the latest version on your File-Works site solves the problem of multiple versions floating around, avoiding frustrating re-work.  Also, you cannot control what a receiver does with a document you send as an E-mail attachment.  With File-Works you can give a user access to read a file but prevent them from changing it.

  4. How much does File-Works cost? 

The short answer:  for most of our clients it costs under $1 per day.  That's for 500 MB of storage space.

The long answer:

Total storage     500 MB     1 GB   2 GB
   Number of users     unlimited    unlimited   unlimited
Total bandwidth     2.5 GB/month    5 GB/month    10 GB/month 
Pay monthly     $30.00   $50.00   $87.50

Additional storage space is available at $37.50 per GB per month.  Additional bandwidth usage is $5 per GB.

  5. Can we have a login page customized with our own logo and graphics? 
Yes!  If you would like the File-Works system to appear as if it is running on your own website, we can create a customized login page for you.  Several of our clients are using customized login pages.  Contact us for details.

  6. What documentation is available for File-Works? 
When you log in to a File-Works account of any kind (including a Test Drive account), at the top of the Administration page and at the top of the File Tree page you will find "Help" links.  Clicking these links will open up the help files, which contain all of the information that you should need.

If you prefer, you can examine the File-Works documentation at any time by clicking on these links:

        Documentation for File-Works Administrators (270 KB PDF)

        Documentation for File-Works Users (655 KB PDF)

  7. How do we get started? 
We suggest you start by taking a Test Drive.  This lets you set up a 10-day free File-Works system that works just like the real thing.  You can set up company files, upload documents, and share them with users you designate.  From your Test Drive you can access the File-Works Help system, which tells you everything you and your users need to know about File-Works.

If you'd like to Sign Up with File-Works, just fill out and submit the Sign Up form.  Your company will be able to use File-Works right away.

  8. Which operating systems and web browsers does File-Works support? 
File-Works can be used by PCs running Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP and Vista operating systems.  Supported browsers include recent versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Macintosh users have reported good success with the Firefox browser.

JavaScript and cookies must be enabled.

  9. Which screen resolutions does File-Works support? 
Although you can work with File-Works at any screen resolution, it is designed for optimum use at resolutions of 800x600 or higher.  Over 99 percent of Web users have PC screen resolutions set at 800x600 or higher.

  10. What are cookies, and how does File-Works use them? 
Cookies are small files your Web browser saves on your computer's hard drive.  File-Works uses a session cookie to identify you and your designated users as you move between pages on the File-Works site.  This assures each user will have access to the pages you allow them to see and only those pages.  The session cookie does not include User Name or Password.

  11. Can we use "download accelerator" software with File-Works? 
No.  File-Works does not support the use of third-party software for accelerating or resuming downloads.

  12. Can we edit our files on the File-Works system? 
Technically, no.  You and your users actually download a file from File-Works into the application that produced it on your computer, make your changes, save the modified file to your hard drive, and upload it back to File-Works.  You will need to have "Delete" rights to the area containing the file to overwrite an existing file.  The right to delete files is assigned by your company's File-Works Administrator.

  13. Can users be automatically notified when a new file is available? 
Yes.  Your company's File-Works Administrator can enable an E-mail notification option.  When you upload a file, you are presented with a list of Users in your company who have access to the folder you placed the file in.  Just click the checkbox to the left of the name of each person you want notified, and they will receive an E-mail about the new file, usually within a minute or two.

  14. Can we host a web site on File-Works? 
No.  File-Works is a private, secure Web site.  Only those people who have been given User accounts by your company's File-Works Administrator can access your company's files, and only if they have been given rights to the folder that contains a particular file.  You can, however, upload HTML files to your File-Works site.  When your users download these files, they are displayed in their Web browser.

  15. Are there limitations on what files we can store on File-Works? 
You are not limited in terms of the size of files you can store.  Your storage space use may bump you to the next level in our cost structure, but the storage space is there if you need it.  However, you may not store files associated with any illegal activity, such as drug dealing, child pornography, terrorist activities, or pirating of software. See our Terms and Conditions for further information.

  16. Can we limit our users as to which files they can access? 
Yes, that's what's so cool about File-Works.  Your users only have access to the information you want them to see.  Think of your File-Works site as a room full of file cabinets all with locked drawers.  You allow each user into the "room" by giving them a user name and password, and you decide who gets keys to which "drawers."  But File-Works goes one step further.  You also control what action each user can take within each drawer.  You determine each user's "rights" to view, download, upload, add folders, delete, rename, and move files.

  17. Can we have Personal Folders for each of our users? 
Yes.  This is another option your File-Works Administrator enables.  Each of your users can have a private folder that other users cannot access.  An additional option allows your users to upload files to other users' personal folders, but they can't see anything else that's in the personal folder.

  18. Are my files secure? 
Yes, and not only are they secure on the File-Works system, they are secure in transit.  Your file uploads and downloads are encrypted before they leave your computer and our servers.  We use industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption.

  19. How about my account information? Is it secure? 
When you take a Test Drive, complete the Sign Up for service form, or log in to the File-Works system with your user name and password, you'll notice your browser's address bar shows an address beginning with "https://" and a little "lock" icon appears in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window.  These signals indicate the information being transmitted back and forth between your computer and the File-Works servers is being encrypted.

  20. Can I find out who uploaded, downloaded, or deleted a file? 
Yes.  Every time one of your users performs a "transaction" on your File-Works site, it is recorded in your Log File.  From your File-Works Administration page, you can see every time a user uploaded, downloaded, created, moved, or deleted a file or folder.  You see the user's name and the date and time they performed the action.

  21. How reliable are the File-Works servers? 
Our servers and connectivity to them have exceeded 99.99% uptime over the last nine years.  We'll be there when you need us.

  22. How secure are the File-Works servers? 
Our servers are colocated at a Tier 1 datacenter in Denver, Colorado  The datacenter has successfully completed a SAS70 Type II audit.  An SAS70 audit provides an independent verification that you have a stable control environment.  The Type II audit is performed over a minimum time period of six months and tests the operational effectiveness of your controls.

  23. What sort of backup system do you have in place for my files? 
We have two backup systems in place for files stored on the File-Works servers.  The first system is a replication system that copies your files to a replication server within a few minutes of uploading them.  This replication system is essentially a "live backup" of all customer files.  The second system is a nightly backup sent to yet another server.  Although we have never lost a customer file, we would suggest that you always keep your own copies of your uploaded files.

  24. Do you have a "privacy" or "confidentiality" agreement? 
We do not have standard agreements of this type.  We have found that institutions and organizations who are concerned about these issues prefer to create their own agreements of this type, and we will consider them on an individual basis.

Have a question not on our list?  Ask it here, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can — usually within 24 hours.

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