File-Works is an easy-to-use web-based system that lets you and your employees, clients, partners and associates share files.

Low cost.
Easy for you.
Easy for your users.
Safe and secure.
You have complete control.

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Secure Online File Sharing for Any Size Business

File-Works serves a wide variety of customers, from some of the world's largest corporations to the one-person transcription service down the street.

Who is File-Works for?
Does your business...
  • Share files with customers, employees, partners, or consultants?
  • Need to distribute or receive documents or other files in a secure and confidential manner?
  • Have employees who travel, work in branch offices, or work from home?
  • Wish there was a cost-effective way to securely store your business files, yet still provide easy access to everyone who needs it?

If so, then File-works is for you!  File-Works offers sophisticated, high-tech file storage and sharing in a way that a non-technical user can understand.

File-Works is like having your own file server, but without the expense and without the need for a technical expert on staff.

All you need is a connection to the Internet. Simply stated, you rent secure space on our servers and set up a filing system to fit your needs. You control which files each of your users can see and what they can do with them. >> MORE