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Online File Sharing

File-Works provides secure online file sharing for businesses of all sizes, in all industries.  Online file sharing is a method of using a central repository for files to be shared, and making those files available to others in a way that gives you control over who can see which files, and over what they can do with the files that they see.

What's more, File-Works lets you and your clients, customers, partners, and employees access your files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The File-Works servers are protected with multi-layered security and power backup systems for ultimate reliability.  Your data will never be lost, compromised or intercepted.  File-Works offers online file sharing at its best.

There are hundreds of online file sharing services available.  Some are very expensive and some are free.  So what makes File-Works different?
  • Security, security, and more security.

    • The File-Works servers are housed at a datacenter that has completed an SAS70 Type II Audit
    • The servers are kept fully updated and patched at all times, and the File-Works web application is carefully designed to be immune to hacking attempts.
    • Files are transmitted to and from the servers over an SSL-encrypted connection, so even if the transmission packets are intercepted along the way, their contents can't be seen.
    • In the datacenter, a file replication process makes a copy of your uploaded file within a few minutes of the completion of its upload.
    • In addition to the file replication process, a full backup of all of your files is sent to yet another server each night.

  • A simple yet powerful administrator interface.  While some of our clients are quite sophisticated, others can barely turn their computers on.  The administrator interface through which you select your options and set up folders, users, and groups is amazingly easy to use.  The page that your users work with is also very intuitive, and resembles the Windows Explorer view of the files that are available to them.

  • File-Works does not require you to download any software or add-ins to your web browser.  It is designed to work through any standard web browser without modification of any kind.

  • While many other online file sharing services make you pay by the number of users that you will have, File-Works lets you set up an unlimited number of users for the same low price.
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